Fresh-r® On-The-Wall

Benefits of Fresh-r®

The Fresh-r In-The-Wall is a decentral ventilation unit with heat recovery that fits behind the waalpaper. It takes heat from
the stale air it expels and uses it to warm up the fresh air it brings in from outside.

Works below 0°

Also at sub zero temperatures the Fresh-r keeps ventilating when necessary. This makes it the only MVHR / HRV that works when it’s freezing.

Easy to install & maintain

There is no need for air ducts through you property. That save a lot of hassle in installation and maintenence. 

Uses only 6 Watt

On average Fresh-r only uses 6 Watt, because it only ventilates when the CO2 or humidity levels rise. That's about as much as a led light.

Gets rid of mould

Humidity is continuously measured. And Fresh-r makes sure it mould does not get a change. Our Passive House Certification is proof. 

Award winning technology

Because it is the cheapest ventilation with heat revovery per cubis meter for enrgy retrofits, according the International Passive House jury.

Optimal thermal efficiency

The copper core of heat exchanger is what makes the Fresh-r unique. Since copper conducts heat 1000 times better than plastic, which is the conventional conductive material in other heat exchangers, it is extremely effective.

Product features

  1. C02 sensor measures whether the inside air is fresh and healthy.
  2. H20 sensor measures humidity to prevent mould.
  3. Ventilators refresh the indoor air when necessary, with a capacity of 120 m3 per hour.
  4. Heat exchanger with fine copper wire transfers heat from outgoing stale air to incoming fresh air.
  5. Airflow guides guide the air from outside to inside and vice versa through the heat exchanger without touching one another.
  6. Thermometers measure the outside temperature and that of the outgoing and incoming air.
  7. Wifi antenna sends collected data, for online insight into performance.
  8. Allergy filter keeps pollen and particulates out.
  9. Wooden frame for easy mounting during installation.

Real-time insights with the app

Fresh-r is Wifi-connected, for insight and control of temperature, humidity, CO2 and m3 fresh air ventilated. To learn from and for reassurance and safety.

Installation &
data sheets

Fresh-r in the wall is easy to install and maintain. Download our manuals to find out what’s needed for the installation.

Fresh-r® On-The-Wall

The Fresh-r® On-The-Wall is a decentral ventilation unit with heat recovery. It takes heat from the stale air it expels and uses it to warm up the fresh air it brings in from outside.

The Fresh-r® On-The-Wall is specially designed for refurbishment. No ducting is needed for this unit, which makes installation easier than a conventional HRV system. 

The Fresh-r® improves air quality for a healthy indoor air quality and at the same time reduces your energy bill. The Fresh-r® is equipped with CO², RH and temperature sensors and has an intelligent control system and other than conventional HRV’s the fresh-r also works efficient at sub-zero temperatures.

Each unit is delivered complete with all fixtures and fittings required for the installation.

As an optional extra the Fresh-r® can be supplied with a fine particle filter against pollen and diesel particulates.

Heat exchanger; HRV; Heat recovery; ventilation; passive house; MVHR
Delivery date: 4 - 6 weeks

Please select to include a particulate and pollen filter *

 Includes dedicated filter cartridge holder and an F8 particulate filter - Efficency according to EN 779:2012

Please choose the door opening direction * Please choose the door opening direction * Please choose the colour of the outside duct grilles *
Easy installation kit, including frame, brackets, screws and plastering guides

Total: €2250.00 excl tax
  • All hardware for plug an play installation
  • Installation manuals, drilling template and mounting kit
  • Complete unit, with in-the-wall front cover
  • Heat exchanger and smart controles (RH, Temp, CO2 )
  • 2 x outside grilles
  • 2 x Ø125 mm x 37 cm PVC pipe to outside
  • Extract duct connection available (fresh-r® everywhere® compatible)
  • Packed for delivery within the EU

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