Fresh-r® In-The-Wall

This unit is the intended for installation within a masonry wall construction. The Fresh-r® In-The-Wall is a decentral ventilation unit with heat recovery, and can be fitted with a Diesel Particulate and Pollen filter.
Delivery date: 4 - 6 weeks


Includes installed filter carier and filter plus 1 additional replacement filter

CEN EN 779:2012 Certified - F7 Class



Easy installation kit, including frame, brackets, screws and plastering guides

£1,995.30 excl tax


The Fresh-r® In-The-Wall is a decentral ventilation unit with heat recovery. It takes heat from the stale air it expels and uses it to warm up the fresh air it brings in from outside.

The Fresh-r® In-The-Wall is specially designed for new build, it is integrated in the wall and has a flush door with the wall. No ducting is needed for this unit, which makes installation easier than a conventional HRV system. 

The Fresh-r® improves air quality for a healthy indoor air quality and at the same time reduces your energy bill. The Fresh-r® is equipped with CO², RH and temperature sensors and has an intelligent control system and other than conventional HRV’s the fresh-r also works efficient at sub-zero temperatures.

Each unit is delivered complete with all fixtures and fittings required for the installation.

Products specifications
Heat recovery 87% Efficiency
Power consumption 5,3 Watt at 25 m3/hr and 41.2 Watt at 120 m3/hr.
Sound db(A) Sound 25 dB(A) at 35 m3/hr and 45 dB/A at 120 m3/hr
Capacity Automatic regulation upto 120m3/hr
Full automatic operation self regulating flow control based on CO2
Continues heat recovery at sub zero temperatures Yes with automatic defrost mode
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