air quality. 

A better home,
a better world.

If everybody would put in the effort you are putting into saving energy, climate change would not be an issue. But what happens when you insulate your home really well? It gets stuffy. 

You deserve better. And so does your home – you don’t want mould and rot caused by too much mould You deserve a breath of fresh air for a healthy home. 

That is why we’re offering smart indoor air care.
Award winning
Only HRV that
works below 0°
Also available as

€2250.00 excl tax

€2250.00 excl tax

In the wall,
On the wall.

Great for refurbishment: the Fresh-r On the Wall is about half the size of a Tesla Powerwall.

The Fresh-r In the Wall uses no space at all, it fits into the wall. It minimizes the use of ducts, making it very easy to install and maintain.

Least cost* per cubic meter fresh air for refurbishments.
* Research conclusion by International Passive House Association 2016